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What Christmas Means to Me…

15 Dec

This song by Stevie Wonder is one of my all-time favorites. And yes, you can find me singing it (loudly and likely off key) in a regular basis during the holiday season:

It also puts me in the best mood ever and reminds me of why I love the holidays so darn much.

Here’s what Christmas means to me this year:

Getting super excited about exchanging presents with the boyfriend (who needs a nickname, I realize this); we’ve both kept the hints and clues to a minimum and so basically I have no idea what I’ll be getting from him. ♥ Enjoying evenings by the fire combating the bitter winter cold (at least bitter winter cold to the STL, I know it’s worse elsewhere!)♥  Borrowing cheesy holiday books from the library and loving them so much I cry at the end. ♥ Making my list and checking it twice to make sure I have really completed my Christmas shopping (turns out I haven’t). ♥ Sneaking in extra time to sleep in the mornings. ♥  Continuing to decorate the house with Darling even though Christmas is 10 days away. ♥  Christmas Cards! This year I’m a bit behind but I’m 50% of the way done with them. ♥  Listening to holiday music all the time. I can’t get enough. ♥  Remembering the reason for the season and enlisting the help of my coworkers to raise money for some very worthy local charities. ♥  Lots of laughter, lots of great food, lots of time spent with family. ♥  Reunions and catching up with friends who are home for the holidays. ♥  Being thankful for all that is good in my life. ♥  Embracing the various assortment of tights I own as they really extend one’s wardrobe. Skirts + tights + boots in the winter? Don’t mind if I do. ♥  Remembering my grandfather; my heart aches for him at this time each year. ♥  Baking up a storm. December 23rd will be Nora in the Kitchen Day and I can’t wait. ♥ Romantic evenings out with the boyfriend, getting all dressed up, enjoying wine and then totally forgetting to take pictures because we are “in the moment.” ♥  Watching the excitement on the little kids faces as they run to see Santa at the mall. Too adorable. ♥  Christmas Puzzles! We do one each year and although we are missing pieces (on a new puzzle!?) we are forging ahead anyway. ♥  Dreaming of a White Christmas even though it surely won’t happen. ♥  Bubbling over with happiness, excitement, hope and general joy for all things going on in my life right now. ♥ 


What do the holidays mean to you this year?


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