Resolve to Resolute

5 Jan

So we are five days in 2008. Only five. And already I love it. I have managed to change my normally cheery attitude into an even cheerier one. I have made positive decisions about Grad School. And about my living situation. Not to mention my list of resolutions grows… some are simple lifestyle changes:

– Don’t hang out with as many couples. This will accomplish me not feeling like the only single 24 year-old in the city and perchance increase my opportunities at meeting other single people.
– Four days a week at the gym. It’s a minimum. If I can do more than that, great, but I won’t make myself feel bad as long as I have four days a week running and lifting, climbing stairs and doing weird plank-jacks.
– Cut the shit out of my life. I’m shying away from drama, listening to my instincts, cleaning people out of my life. On Tuesday I went through all my social networking sites and deleted everyone I don’t talk to or I’m pretending to be friends with. There is no need. I don’t gauge my social standing by the number of friends I have online.

Others are more behavioral:
– If something pisses me off I am usually quick to react. I’m going to make myself think a bit more before taking action; this will apply both in and out of the office. (And will be a test of my patience.)
– Eating habits! While mine aren’t so awful, I’m starting off slow by eating less chocolate, fried foods and soda. I would say be eating only healthy food but considering I’m allergic to half the fruits and vegetabls out there it’s tough for me to that and not get bored, so I resort to my vitamins and exercising as per above.

And everything else is just attitude. I’m going to let stupid things roll off me more, laugh at stress, embrace my experiences and have more confidence in myself. I’m going to do more of what I want and less of what other people want. I’m going to save more and spend less. I’m going to be aware of the fact that I am happy with who I am today (because I am, but I think sometimes America has trouble listening to what’s inside and listens too much to what others think, myself included). And with all of the above in mind I’m going to march on to the soundtrack of my life (which I should hope includes Dave Matthews Band, Justin Timberlake, Maroon 5, Jack Johnson, some awesome techno and eventually love songs!).


One Response to “Resolve to Resolute”

  1. Alesia January 7, 2008 at 11:31 am #

    Listening to my instincts… that’s a work in progress for me. Your intentions sound great!

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