You Don’t have Mail

7 Jan

It seems our office email is down. I haven’t received an email from a customer all morning. I am sitting her paralyzed as my inbox isn’t overflowing with emails like it usually is. Of course half of what I need to do this a.m. depends and relies on attachments and information that my client wanted to send via email. Aggravating this is.

 So instead I am taking a moment for my blog o’ the day.

I’ve been up since 5:30 am, courtesy of my cell phone. Yes, the new prospect in my life (superstitious Nora is keeping it a secret for awhile), is a texter along with all the rest. I finally decided that, albeit cowardly, they prefer texting as they don’t have to be afraid of what they say, what they ask, what our reaction is. It’s carte blanche to be forward, frisky, friendly, heart-warming. I have finally purchased the unlimited texting package from TMobile as I don’t see an end to men texting me, ever, so might as well pay for it so I can avoid the ridiculous overage charges.

We do have a date set for Friday, but he’s still “pondering,” (his words, not mine), what we’ll be doing. I get to work on picking my outfit for the rest of the week.

Coming this week: wedding tales from Marceline, the real story behind NJ and more…


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