Momentary lapse in judgment: Missing High School…?

8 Jan

There is not a lot that I miss about high school.

I don’t miss the fact that on the very first day of school I picked a smart Calvin Klein outfit which included both long-sleeves and long paints (in STL in September? What was I thinking?) and I tripped UP the stairs. In front of the seniors.

I don’t miss endless band practice after school for the first two years of my high school career and further being labeled as a band geek. (I reversed that quickly when I joined the yearbook and propelled myself to the status of business manager, index editor and drum roll, please… I dated the Editor In Chief. Suddenly everyone wanted to give me their photos and be friends with me. I had power: you could be in the yearbook 50 times or five.)

I don’t miss the “popular,” kids trying to copy test answers from me.

I don’t miss my high school boyfriend.

I do, however, miss the fact that you had at least six teachers for one whole year. You could get used to how they grade papers, what questions they would ask, when you could ignore their ramblings and when notes were most important. You knew what your grade was going to be well before you received it… and maybe I miss pep rallys, early dismissals, acting like Prom was the biggest deal in the world, all girls had high metabolisms deeming exercising and a healthy diet ridiculous, and so many sleepovers and girls’ nights you couldn’t keep them straight.

But now, with this wonderful thing called grad school, I have a new teacher every nine weeks. New classmates, classroom, book, syllabus. All new. I have to ascertain within the first hour of the first four-hour class how they grade, will it be hard or easy? Read the textbook or not? Lots of notes or only a few? Tonight I went through another uncomfortable evening in which my name was mispronounced, we tediously went over the syllabus and class geeks were defined. (I am not one. Smart: yes. Geeky: no.) Onward I go with Organizational Behavior and Managerial Statistics…


One Response to “Momentary lapse in judgment: Missing High School…?”

  1. whosheshe January 9, 2008 at 9:12 am #

    I don’t miss high school either, although I have frequent fantasies of going back and doing it over with an adult’s mindset (more studying, less chatting).

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