… and then I met Matthew McConaughey

9 Jan

Okay, so not really. I didn’t meet Matthew McConaughey; that was a cheap reference at “The Wedding Planner,” which is becoming the job that I really do think I’m meant for.

I spent most of my evening tonight helping one of my friends who is getting married think of creative uniting activities to perform at the ceremony, figure out which songs to play during the processional and when, how the brunch should happen and where it will be, who can do make-up, so on and so forth.

Others have asked my advice and opinion, some even call it expertise (well I suppose being a bridesmaid 6 times by age 24, not to mention attending at least five other weddings, might make one think of me as an expert). Perhaps it’s my keen attention to detail, organizational skills and persuasive yet sweet nature that gets things done.

Sitting there helping a friend of over ten years (!!!) I realized that I could totally (valley girl sounding, I know) market my skills to regular brides- not the posh, shi-shi ones who only want fancy fancy fancy. They don’t have time to plan but I could… so I guess maybe I need to get an internship at a wedding planning company or write a business plan. You know, in all of my spare time.


One Response to “… and then I met Matthew McConaughey”

  1. whosheshe January 10, 2008 at 10:41 am #

    I think if you could handle the bridezillas and crazy family dynamics that would come your way, being a wedding planner would be a fun job.

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