My MasterCard Commercial

14 Jan

Leaving work early to go get new car issues resolved: Exasperating

Standing in line for over 20 minutes in three-inch heels: Painful

Writing a really large check for Missouri Sales Tax: Nauseating

Having a car that is now properly licensed, registered and paid for: Relieving

Heading back to my neck of the woods to register Jack with MWood and pay stupid parking ticket that cop friend didn’t get me out of: Aggravating

Attempting to study at Panera (and enjoy a cup of soup) only to realize my wallet is on my bed: Laughable

Finding that I have no power upon my return home: Adventure at every corner!

Using my cell phone as the light to guide me up the steps: Inventive

Rocking out to my CDs with Jack’s head out the window (I had my heater blasting): Relaxing

Knowing my parents will let me crash at their place: PRICELESS


One Response to “My MasterCard Commercial”

  1. Nora Bee January 15, 2008 at 12:46 am #

    Hello! Found you through She She. Thanks for making me smile :-)

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