The Ex Month

15 Jan

I am going to call January 2008 the Month of the Exes.

Yes, that is correct, ex as in ex-boyfriend (or ex-someone I dated).

I guess it’s fitting considering it’s a month of cleansing and purging in preparation for the next 11 months.

This Title for the Month hit me today as I’m sitting at my desk and I hear the familiar voice of a man who shall be called Oz. He saw me in my office and waltzed right in, like it was no big deal. He began to spin his web of stories, just like he did when we dated years ago, about why he’s moving, what’s new and oh, his 30th birthday party is coming soon, complete with a limo and the whole nine-yards.

Nora will be skipping on that part.

So Oz today, tidbits from Mid-Mo (Nick) the other day, a story I have yet to blog (it’s rather long) which took place on January 1st… yup, it’s the Month of the Exes.

I feel another one or two coming out of the woodworks.

You know what the best part is? That apart from the initial awkwardness of seeing an ex (most of my exes were so awesome as to cheat on me, so I ignore the friends with an ex crap), there is nothing there other than the pleasantries of being acquaintances. No hatred. No pining. A completely neutral feeling and that, dear readers, is the best feeling.


One Response to “The Ex Month”

  1. Casey January 16, 2008 at 8:32 am #

    You know…it has been the month of the ex for me as well. I ran into an ex I had not seen in 3 1/2 years the other day (who lived in Virginia last I heard). How weird. I just kept walking.

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