… and then I brought Brad Pitt Home

16 Jan

I am forutnate enough that I get to travel on occasion for my job. Not too much… and maybe not enough, but still travel.

Next week’s adventure: New Orleans (or NOLA, as my dad and I’m assuming the locals, call it). I’ll be traveling down the highway with Darling (aka West Co B**ch on my blogroll) and Dad (my boss) for a work conference in sunny, warmer, southern comfort food, blues playing town.

I. Am. Pumped.

Sure, I have conferences during the day but it’s with a fun bunch of people. There will be intriguing times ahead, most especially at the Friday night Historical Bar & Tavern Crawl. Why? Well get a bunch of people who like computers, Microsoft, free money and making money together in one room ranging in age from 24 (me) to upwards of 50. And don’t forget liquor. And the French Quarter. (Pictures are promised!)

 And then at some point during the bar crawl, obviously, I’ll find Brad Pitt. And I’ll just bring home with me because Angelina won’t miss him one bit. She would probably just adopt another kid to replace him.


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