Love/Hate No.2

17 Jan

(I really wanted to rant today, but decided I’d put a positive spin on things instead.)

Love: Talking to a cute guest instructor at work.
Hate: Being interrupted by coworkers who scare off said guest instructor.

Love: Free, fabulous, Italian lunch with the boss.
Hate: Not being able to climb on the stair stepper to work off the calories yet… damn cough!

Love: That I have a great doctor who called in a prescription for my darn cough that won’t quite go away.
Hate: Um, health care in our country. Prescription was astronomically expensive. Enough said.

Love: Being able to call my dad and have a healthy venting/crying session.
Hate: Not having my own man, other than my dad, to lean on.  

Love: Studying at Bread Co.
Hate: Apparently I missed the memo on it being cute couple night at Bread Co.

Love: Seeing a really cute little kid sucking on a slurpee (it was all over his face) at Walgreens. When I walk pass he says hi to me really loudly and waves.
Hate: The fact that I sometimes need those random reminders from the “big man upstairs,” that life is good.


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