Your Weekend Update

19 Jan

My advice for the day:
If you are married, stay that way.
If you are dating someone, continue to date them.

Why? Once again I decided to give someone the benefit of the doubt and believe them (Mr. “I love my ex,” Cop) only to find out that I was once again lied to. He is not, in fact, in love with his ex but instead dating someone else (which he probably was the whole time we were talking). Trusting or believing men is nearly impossible anymore.

Frankly I am cool with not dating him (His con list: short, no college degree, kid, ridiculous work hours and a lot of baggage, can’t spell to save his life). I am, however, annoyed that he couldn’t man up and tell me the truth in the first place.

Good luck to the new girl and good luck to his son trying to figure out who his real mother is, how to treat a woman and not be a total liar like his dad.


One Response to “Your Weekend Update”

  1. ♥Nova January 20, 2008 at 9:49 am #

    Nora! Thanks for coming to visit my site and letting me know where you are writing now.

    I have to agree with you that the dating pool sucks. Seems like you just can’t trust anyone these days. It’s just unfortunate that the really good guys out there are so hard to find because we have to weed through all the bad ones to get to the good ones.

    Hope all else is going well, and here’s to a new year of good possibilities! <3

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