Hot Sauce, Jazz & A Fancy Hotel

23 Jan

I’m finally in New Orleans. Eight plus hours in the car (which really wasn’t so bad as I peppered it with naps, conversations with The Boss & Darling, and reading) and we went from 12 degrees to 60 degrees.

I should have brought flip-flops.

My evening started out with drinks and appetizers on the rooftop of our gorgeous, celebrity hotel where cherubs and Greek Gods are illuminated with subtle lighting and positioned next to palm trees. Yes! That’s right… palm trees. Steam floated above the heated pool and bubbles were swirling in the hot tub. I should have also brought my bathing suit.

After the obligatory work for about an hour I left the chocolate cheesecake at my table and threw on my gym clothes to get in a workout on the rooftop fitness center. I attempted to ignore the work dinner still taking place in the room next to me and the faces a few of my “friends,” were making at me through the window.

I joined The Boss & Darling for complimentary PB & J sandwiches and ice cold milk in the lobby, followed by a few rooftop pictures. A few buildings are speckedled with gold, green and purple lights for the upcoming Mardi Gras festivals. Trumpets sounded from below.

I didn’t know NOLA before Hurricane Katrina, but driving I saw remnants of devastation. The bayous were clearly hit hard. Tree stumps floating in the water. Houses half-sunk into the mirky water. Boats abandoned and drifted up and down the several mile long strip. As we approached the city there were hotels and apartment buildings with no lights, dumpsters in front, trash strewn about.

Tomorrow I’m participating in the bar crawl (okay, who am I kidding? Bar stroll is more like it. I’m the youngest one here) on Bourbon Street and then Darling has found a few parade routes near our hotel for us to take in on Friday. I plan to get marginally acquainted with NOLA while I’m here. In addition to the jazzy blues they play here, I’ll have him as my internal soundtrack:


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