40 Days & Nights

5 Feb

Tomorrow Lent begins. Yes, 40 days of: no soda, no fried food (originally it started as French Fries, but I am now moving towards fried potato chips, chicken, etc) and no fast food.

I am currently sucking down a Diet Dr. Pepper, both for a false sense of energy (stayed up until 1:30 am studying the many theories of Organizational Behavior) and because it’s my last chance for 40 days and nights… and enjoyed greasy fried mozzerella sticks for lunch. (Not much of a lunch, that’s for sure, but the calories! Oh, how I miss the days where I didn’t care about the calories.)

I don’t normally eat fried or fast food except on those days at the office where there is “no time,” or those Saturday/Sunday mornings where the only thing to beat the hangover is going to be greasy food. So that’s more of a just improving my health thing than a sacrifice. 

I tossed around the idea of abstaining from chocolate too, but then I realized who we were talking about. Me. And just how grumpy and unpleasant do you want me and the people around me for 40 days? Not that grumpy. The soda will be tough enough; it’s everywhere: in energy drinks, Long Island Ice Teas, and of course, in my fridge.

Are you giving anything up? Or, conversely taking anything on?

Happy Fat & Super Tuesday!


One Response to “40 Days & Nights”

  1. oh February 6, 2008 at 7:20 am #

    I’m giving up pasta which I believe doesn’t sit well with me anyway – kind of an allergy thing I think with all that flour. And it’s the stuff you put ON it that’s good. So, no to that. And meat. We’re going to make a run for doing fish but no meat proper.
    Um. Was going to do the soda/sugar thing but then I said, “why should it always be about food?”
    So, will try to be more upbeat at work and give nothing away, nothing at all, about what I’m feeling/thinking during the week day. Just a nice little “Don’t worry – it will get done” kind of thing.

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