It Really is a High School Town

10 Feb

If you have ever visited the StL for a long period of time, or moved here, well, you’ll know that we ask everyone the same question:

Where did you got to high school?

I promised myself when my parents imported me to StL in 1993 that I would never ask that question. I mean, seriously, who cares? Ah, StL does, that’s who! Why bother asking? Because you can get information quickly: rich or poor, religious or not, overly-snobby opposed to slightly snobby, what kind of jobs their parents have, what kind of car they might drive, etc etc.

When I chose my desitnation for college, I chose Mizzou, a university within two hours of my parents (just in case) and a notorious gathering ground for 75% of my high school. Throughout my three and a half years there I didn’t socialize with any of them. I didn’t want too. I was there to grow, and that I did.

And now, three years after graduation, several of my best friends are people from high school. We all came back from our respective collges (Boston U, Oklahoma State, KC, Illinois) and fell back into our patterns of hanging out.
I never thought I would be friends with them now, but I admit that the comfort I find in talking about the “old days,” and how they accept me as ME is one of the best things about friendship. There is no judging, we are all open and honest, they don’t project their ideas onto me (as in, they don’t tell me I NEED a man, like my other coupled friends do). There are six of them in total; one couple is already married and the other two are marrying in the next two months. (Surprise! Nora is in one of them and of course attending the other), but nothing will change even after that.

I guess there is something to that high school bond after all.


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