13 Feb

Kudos to Byron for doing a “Why Valentine’s is my favorite Day,” week on his blog. Check it out and definitely watch the video that he posted, which I believe is from

I booked a super duper spontaneous trip to Vegas in April with some of my friends from Florida. Great rates made it possible, though if anyone needs a nanny or babysitter in the next 63 days and counting, let me know! I’d be glad to have some play money before I get there.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day (aka Nora wears all Black Day. It’s now a tradition even though I don’t hate the day anymore) and I’m excited as I sent Valentine’s to my friends who hopefully didn’t supsect I would. Hope it makes them smile. And, of course, my yearly date with my single gal pals. On the menu tomorrow? Spinach & feta pizza, salad, fresh-baked cookies, wine and perhaps Sex and the City or another movie yet TBD. And lots of girl talk.

After much thinking… I have decided to stick with grad school. I have only seven classes left. I can get those done, right? (to the tune of Bob the Builder) “Can Nora do it? Yes she can!”  I will, however, be taking the summer off to enjoy the sun and StL Festivities.

And continuing the randomness of this post: the sun is shining today in StL. Probably for the first time in about two weeks. It’s amazing how much better one can feel with the sun shining. Now if the temperature cared to rise above freezing we’d have an even better day.

Happy Sunny “Hump,” Day to you and yours!


One Response to “Wednesday”

  1. Nova February 14, 2008 at 11:30 am #

    I miss Valentine’s Day with the girls! There are so many advantages to being single, I tell you. Now that I’m married, I couldn’t care less about Valentine’s. Wow, did I just sound like a cynical, old, married woman???

    Have fun tonight! Those times that you spend with the girls will be some of the best Valentine’s everrrr.

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