Sing us a song, you’re the piano man…

16 Feb

Last night, for girls’ night out, we enjoyed some fabulous Mexican food – complete with a pitcher of margaritas- and meandered over to the new piano bar in town, Jive n’ Wail.

Considering it took us over two hours to nurse the pitcher of margs, we didn’t get to the Piano Bar until close to 11 where of course there was a line to get in.

“One in, one out.” Declared the overzealous, I am “God,” bald-spot bouncer.

We were cool with waiting. Until 10 people left and he didn’t let us in.

” The fire marshall is here, sweeties, just be tight. I’m sorry for the wait. It’ll be just a few moments. Now, please close this door.”

Left standing in a crowded foyer, knowing full well there was no fire marshall randomly in the building, we waited. Patiently.

Some dude in a pale blue shirt and black slacks rushes through the foyer, throws the door open, hugs the bouncer and is let right in. Along with 10 of his friends. And another five snuck in. I’m sure you can keep up with the math here…

So, TLo, being of Italian descent as well, politely (I promise) asks him if we can go in since he just let 15 people through.

His response: “Thanks for the math help, sweetie, but I can do it on my own. If you don’t settle down and take it easy, I’m not letting you or your friends in at all. Now go stand in the foyer.”

Wow. We finally got in (yes we waited as one of our other friends was furious and snuck past the bouncer) but man, what is up with bouncers who think they are kings? Not cool. Kind of ruined the experience for the first five minutes.

Another quote of the night, while standing by the bar waiting to grab a few beers, the guy next to me who is dressed in a flannel shirt and a stocking cap: “I’m not homeless, I only dress like I am.” We quickly moved on to a new spot at the bar.


One Response to “Sing us a song, you’re the piano man…”

  1. beldy February 16, 2008 at 5:50 pm #

    Moved to a new spot? Hell I would have moved to a new bar.
    But next time I see ya, hope you tell me all about the “Jive and Wail” cuz I am totally curious.

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