Jack Frost came to town

21 Feb

Today StL was hit by Jack Frost: several inches of sleet and ice hit the ground sending the town into a tizzy.

If you know the weather is going to be bad and you are aware of the fact that your office will be open unless you are called, one should consider getting up extra early to make it to work on time. It is your job. J-O-B. Sure it sucks that traffic is bad and Midwesterners have no clue how to drive in snow, let alone ice, but part of your job is that you show up, sunny or sleeting. I live closest to the office and am given the decision-making rights on the office being open or closed.

Without getting into too much about what I do, let’s just say that when you run an IT center and you have out-of-town students in your office, it’s nearly impossible to postpone classes due to weather. So, we were open.

Apparently I made an unpopular decision as everyone who walked by my desk had some story to grumble about. And don’t even get me started on their questions about the business owners! (One lives in the country, the other is recovering from the flu. They are business owners for a reason. They are not required to be in the office every day.)

Rant aside… as I was sitting at the office having an unusually busy day considering most of StL was shut down all I could hear was the beating of the ice on the roof and windows. Snow Days. What a distant memory, which reminded me of:

  • Back in eighth grade, after waiting at the bus stop with two friends for over 20 minutes, school was canceled. Rather than climbing back into bed, we bundled up and headed for the sledding hill. Followed by hot chocolate and baking cookies. Looking back it’s bizarre that we hung out as we all came from different “Groups,” : I was on the dorkier side then, one chick was super popular and the guy that was with us a complete introvert. We shed our differences that day and acted like we were five.
  • Freshman year in high school I was in band (see, I told you I was a dork! I made up for it though by playing flute, and we all know flute players are amazing kissers) which took us to Orlando to march in the New Year’s Eve parade. Upon our return to the StL we were greeted with a blanket of white and wind chills that caused school to be closed an extra four days. Talk about a vacation!
  • Our first winter here in StL it must have snowed more than a foot, or what seemed like a foot to me, and my mom took us for a walk down the middle of our street. My brother and I went running and sliding, throwing snow balls, all in the glow that was the street light and snow.
  • And today, Mr. Jack paced for a good ten minutes before I finally gave in. He goes outside in the snow and tosses it around with his nose, his nails scrape for traction on the ice and me, well I just pray I won’t fall and break a bone as we glide across the sidewalks and roads.

I should be studying but instead am bundled up in my favorite sweats, Jack’s snoozing on the couch and I’m entertaining myself with “Across the Universe,” which is a great movie for anyone who enjoys Beatle music and political statements in cinema.


One Response to “Jack Frost came to town”

  1. oh February 24, 2008 at 10:24 am #

    One of the surprising things is that the neighborhood hill on which you and your friends went sledding has been made into more of a “mound” by the neighborhood association. Kids still go there, but hey, it just ain’t the same.

    I do, however, always always have the makings of hot chocolate on hand…

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