Time for a Little Love/Hate Action

25 Feb

Love: My friend, Hippie, has her own t-shirt design company. She made TLo and me shirts that say “Texty McTexterson.” It’s a joke from when I dated NJ (can you call a month dating? I don’t know). Anyway, I look forward to their arrival.
Hate: That boys still insist on texting as their first contact with a girl. Lame-o.

Love: My new book club. Full of twenty somethings with a nice blend of single, engaged and married (no babies… yet) the conversation was intelligent, humorous and a perfect blend of book discussion as well as every day topics.
Hate: Most of the group are lawyers. They use a whole different vocabulary than the rest of us non-law school kids. A bit of deciphering is necessary to understand what the heck they are saying. It was usually as simple as “yes, I liked it,” or “no, i did not.”

Love: Buying new gold heels.
Hate: I can’t wear them until after Siri’s wedding so that I don’t ruin them. I am keeping them in the box, out of sight, out of mind. Hopefully that will work.

Love: Having some time to cook at home.
Hate: The dirty dishes it generates and the absence of a dishwasher. Where is Jeeves when you need him?

Love: Snow, in general.
Hate: Snow, in St. Louis. Dirty snow everywhere. Salt all over the place which inevitably makes its way into your shoes, onto your hardwood floors and all over your car.

Love: Baking cookies.
Hate: Cookie dough as a temptation


One Response to “Time for a Little Love/Hate Action”

  1. oh February 27, 2008 at 7:30 am #

    Love: when you bake at our house.
    Hate: when you leave your baked goods behind (too delicious yet oh so bad for the waistline)

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