Work Three Year Anniversary

27 Feb

My three year anniversary with my job is coming up on March 1st. Three years. THREE YEARS. That gives me a near panic attack. I mean, seriously, a twenty-something who has had a stable job for three years? Wow.

I never thought of this job as permanent when I walked in to our old location over 1,000 days ago. It wasn’t supposed to be permanent. Answer phones for a living? For a short while, I said. Not for long.

After a few months of answering phones, making coffee and doing random grunt work (yeah, my BS in International Studies is totally getting used… NOT!) I noticed that the family business, start-up company (at the time) needed some assistance. There were some holes in the processes, communication and every day work that I thought I could fill. So, Little Miss Bold Nora talked it over with her boss (aka Dad) and then scheduled a more formal meeting with Dad and the other boss (CFO).

Which brings us to today. I was once a Business Development Administrator. I went to Event Coordinator. Now? Event & Marketing Manager including: computer-based training manager, inside sales/contract coordinator & manager, travel agent, inventory manager and much more. When people ask what I do, it’s hard to explain. An Event Manager at an IT firm? Yup, you got to have one.

And then there’s the whole stigma that goes along with me being boss’ daughter. I work. Hard. Sure, I cut a few corners here and there, ask for an extra day off if I need it, but other than that, being boss’ daughter means more work, more expectations and less room for failure and saying “no,” to a project than the other workers.

It takes a skillful balance to work with a family member. The first months were rough but we adjusted. We know when to speak as employer-employee, father-daughter and even friends. A large part of me still yearns for something more, something bigger, better and maybe not in StL, but walking away from the family business? Well, that might be just as hard as walking away from free hot fudge sundaes. Or leaving those cute puppies at the stupid pet stores at the mall. Or ignoring the 75% off sale at Aldo, BCBG and other awesome shoe stores.


2 Responses to “Work Three Year Anniversary”

  1. Nova February 29, 2008 at 12:09 pm #

    How I ended up in law is similar to your experience. Fresh out of college with an English degree, I had no job. I took the first job offer out of college as a receptionist in a law firm. I worked my way up, and eventually went to law school.

    I admire your tenacity in working in a family-operated business. I know it’s not easy, with people thinking that you have moved up in the company because of your family connection, and people disregarding the fact that you’ve worked hard and have actually earned to be where you are now.

  2. Leejr March 25, 2008 at 11:40 am #

    Interesting post!, bro

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