Conversations with Little Man: Part One

29 Feb

Little Man is almost five. I can sense the shift in his excitement when he sees me, how much he needs me as his babysitter and more…

Our dinner conversation:

LM: We wear uniforms!
Nora: Really? That sounds fun. Where do you wear uniforms?
LM: At school. Boys wear belts. Girls wear jumpers.
Nora: Do you like your uniform?
LM: Yes. My pants are golden. We have pockets. Girls have pockets too.
Nora: Very cool.
LM: My pockets are golden… (pause)… I don’t know what color the girls pockets are.
Nora: Golden pockets must be fun. (In my head: thank GOD you don’t know what color this girls’ pockets are.)

While playing a game of Sorry with all of my pawns still in the “start circle,””

LM: I’m sorry you are still stuck in Start. Those are just the rules. Not my fault.
N: I know! It’s okay.

… a few minutes later I have pawns out on the board. He kicks my butt anyway.

N: Good job, LM! You won.
LM: That is not what you are supposed to say to me.
N: Oh, I’m sorry. What do your parents say?
LM: Daddy says “Good Game, LM!” and then he does this (LM high-fives me).
N: Okay, let’s try again… “Good Game, LM!” Now, should we play again?
LM: No.
N: I’ve never played before. Just one more game?
LM: okay. I go first though.

… this time I have my guys out of “Start,” first.

LM: I should have gotten my pawns on the board first. I won the last game.
N: I agree, but the cards are being difficult. Look! There you go, a card that gets your guys out.

… I proceed to win (not on purpose, I promise, as you know Sorry is a game of cards more than anything). LM gets up to walk away from the table.

N: Where are you going?
LM: I told you we shouldn’t have played another game.
N: Are you going to say anything to me?
LM (with his head down to the floor): Good Game, Nora.

(This is where I see his attitude shifting. Not bad, but definitely more grown-up, struggling with being a good sport. It was pretty darn cute, let me tell you.)

The one that didn’t change? Since I’ve been watching him for over two years (right, Little Man’s mom? At least that, I think) every time I tuck him into bed, I use one of his stuffed animals to give him kisses. I make the ridiculous, overzealous kissing noises as the stuffed animal showers his face with kisses. Little Man loves it. Laughs hysterically. I thought maybe this last time he wouldn’t want me to do it, so I didn’t… and he reminded me of it. Sometimes the best date a girl can have is getting her butt kicked in Sorry, taught the correct way to use a Lightsaber and getting a hug from a five-year old.


2 Responses to “Conversations with Little Man: Part One”

  1. Anne February 29, 2008 at 5:49 pm #

    It is always fascinating to hear your kid through other’s experiences- thank you for taking the time to blog it ! Now if we can just get him to be a better sport …..

  2. oh March 1, 2008 at 1:48 pm #

    Not only do I enjoy the reading the dialogues you have with LM, I’m thinking you can also write your own fictional account (of course) about nannying.

    And the movie would NOT star ScoJoh.

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