Thank you for Sharing…

29 Feb

(Background: We have an IT Certification Testing Lab onsite at my office. I run it.)

Man: Hi, my name is Mr.X and I’m here for a test.
N: Sir, you aren’t on my list of tests today.
Man: Yes, I know. It’s Monday at 10am. I’m just practicing and making sure I’m in the right place. Here are my two forms of ID.
N: Thank you, yes, those will work. Please bring them with you on Monday.
Man: I have trouble going to the bathroom.
Man: I mean, I don’t need your help going to the bathroom, I just can’t sit for more than two hours without having to go the bathroom. I have problems. Bathroom problems.
N: Well, we don’t usually allow people to use the restroom during exams, but if you check with me we’ll make an exception.
Man: Okay. So you’ll help me go to the bathroom. Great. I was worried about that. (He walks off.)


One Response to “Thank you for Sharing…”

  1. Anne February 29, 2008 at 5:42 pm #

    Oh My Gosh….. that wins creepy guy of the year award….. and definitely under the proper category of “WTF?”

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