There’s no place like home… right?

5 Mar

I made a HUGE decision last night.

I will not be living with ManMate after our lease is up. I have see-sawed back and forth between wanting to live alone and moving back in with Darling and DadBoss.

After realizing I’m in a never-ending cycle of weddings (Read: spending money on bridesmaid dresses, a minimum of three presents per event, not to mention shoes, hair, hotels, etc etc), and I still want to have fun in my life (spur of the moment trips to Vegas, girls’ night out and etc) I will be moving. HOME.
At this point I’m ignoring the logistical nightmare it will be to get rid of my old bed that is still at their house and move my fantastic queen pillow-top bed in. I’m not thinking about what color I want to paint the walls this time. I’m pretending that my beautiful red couch will have a place… somewhere, in their house. That I can still have my NetFlix movies. That I can stay out until 5 am without being questioned, sleep in until 3 and still wear my sweats all day. And that if I stay out until 5 am I won’t hear a complaint about Jack being there (obviously he goes with me!). I’m pretending there won’t be a longer commute to the office or to school, or that even my social life or dating life might suffer. All of that is being ignored in the interest of saving up some serious cash so I can maybe, just maybe, if I want to, buy a house when the market is right and one more second in their house will cause me to pull out every last hair on my head. (Okay, well that was a joke… mostly.)

I am nervous as I’ve been on my own for the last seven years between college and living in StL since then. Adjustments must be made, of this I am sure, and hopefully from both sides.

If nothing else it will be a great time to finish up the masters, continuing to keep my body in kick a$$ shape and have that financial fallback that many people my age do not have.

Anyone have a pair of red, sparkly shoes I can borrow, just in case?


One Response to “There’s no place like home… right?”

  1. Nova March 5, 2008 at 1:43 pm #

    I envy you so much. I actually wrote a post a few weeks ago about how I had moved in and out of my parent’s house, and not finally moving out for good until I was 32. There are so many advantages to living at home, and they far outweigh the disadvantages. Financially, it’s the best way to go. Sure, there are the little looks, the random questioning, and at times, complete annoyance with your family, but those are so insignificant compared to achieving your ultimate purpose: to save some money. If I could somehow move back home to my parent’s house and not have my husband divorce me, I would in a New York minute.

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