The Out-of-Towners

7 Mar


Met him in New Orleans during the work conference… we had one of those “meet-cute,” situations where we shook hands and just kind of stared at each other. He’s quite the young professional, very active in his organization and then with non-profit organizations as well. (I’m trying to ignore the fact that tomorrow night he’s being auctioned off as a bachelore for a special Date for the Cure event.) For those of you that know me: he’s the kind of guy I’ve always wanted to date, but never have, mostly because they aren’t in StL, I guess. He’s the kind of guy I’ve envisioned for myself. And of course, he lives a five-hour plane ride away. We have been texting (of course!) and emailing on a regular basis; phone calls are infrequent but when we talk, they last for hours. There has been talk of visits on more than one occasion. I did wake up the other day and realize that he’s not here, so… why bother? I’m cooling my burners on this one, only because I think I need to, not necessarily because I want to. Sigh.

Columbia Boy:
Yup, he’s still around. I guess he never really left as we’ve been friends for as long as I can remember. Five years now? In a sense, I’m being bad as I talk to him when the dating world is slow here, but not bad as I sense he does the same thing. He’s graduating from law school in May and his next destination is unknown; maybe StL, maybe KC, maybe Vegas. There are few things about him that aren’t quite right (and they are too shallow for even me to type here) so I’ll leave those alone. Suffice to say I look forward to hearing from him, our stimulating conversations as he’s great at playing devil’s advocate and we are having dinner in two weeks. It’s probably best to chalk him up as a friend with flirting added to it. At least for now.


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