I heart vs. I hate

9 Mar

Love: News of a tax return!
Hate: Actually sitting down and doing my taxes. (Okay, so I didn’t do them this year. Dad did. Thank goodness!)

Love: The Limited. Everything about it. Most especially the new red pants and dress I bought today.
Hate: That I’m being a total girl and waiting to wear the red pants until HB (nickname for guy I met last night) asks me out for date #2.

Love: A whole week of freedom from school. No excuses for skipping the gym, not cleaning the apartment and of course, spending more time with the Jackers.
Hate: I probably didn’t perform as well as I could have on my statistic final.

Love: Signs of spring: birds chirping, daffodils are starting to sprout, I have intense urges to put on flip-flops.
Hate: With my new workout regimen my feet are less than spring friendly.


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