HB = Boy #1

10 Mar

I shall call him HB.

The basic rundown:

6 ft, 5 inches (my favorite)
Former second-grade teacher, turned lawyer (caring, ambitious)
31 years old (i think older is better)
Totally handsome (I mean, seriously)
Intelligent (asks good questions, gives good answers, but doesn’t talk just to hear himself talk)
Likes DMB and the beach just as much as I do (it doesn’t get much better than that)
Went to MU (hooray for a fellow Tiger!)

My friend, who is getting married on Saturday (!) introduced me to him after insisting for the last six months that we meet. Our first encounter was during our inaugural book club meeting where we exchanged glances, smiles and probably not more than three sentences during the two hour meeting. Our conversations bloomed during emails over the last few weeks and a personal invitation to his birthday party, which I graciously accepted.

I arrived late as I was busy hanging out with Little Man & being Nanny Nora, but was greeted with a smile and a beer. It was HB’s birthday but he insisted on buying my drinks all night, introduced me to his friends and surprisingly turned all of his attention to me. A lot of things happened that night that probably would be boring to you, but are important to me (and surprising!). We ventured to after bars at his very snazzy loft which necessitate that he ride with me: he opened the car door for me, even though I was driving. He took my coat, toured his loft, put my coat on back for me when I left, walked me to my car, made sure I got home okay, etc etc. HB is pleasant. Gentlemanly. Very handsome. Great sense of style. And more…

He invited me to a trivia night which I unfortunately can’t attend but we discussed heading to my favorite Italian place as he has never been there, sharing music, and a variety of other things, so I’m hopeful he’ll call. ¬†Besides, I’m saving a killer outfit for the event.


2 Responses to “HB = Boy #1”

  1. Anne March 11, 2008 at 9:14 pm #

    How fun- glad you had a good time !

  2. Anne March 11, 2008 at 9:15 pm #

    P.S. I’m sure those killer shoes didn’t hurt …… :-)

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