Date Two with Another T

12 Mar

Last night was Date Numero Two with Another T.

The Plan? No Country for Old Men at the Chase Park Plaza Cinema. Not exactly creative but considering my party girl attitude this past weekend landed me a cold, not a huge deal.

The Movie? Intense, but definitely amazing. Javier really did deserve the Oscar. Another T, who admitted last night that he- by choice- doesn’t own a television and had no clue what the movie was about, leaned over halfway through the movie to make sure I was okay with the subject matter.

The Date? Considering I’ve been fighting off a cold and yesterday was probably the worst day of my sneezing/coughing and etc, it went well. I find myself surprisingly comfortable around him even though he clearly has his guard up and gives me sidelong glances which I can’t decipher as flirting or staring. He grabbed my hand during one of the more intense shooting, blood and guts scenes… and it was good. That’s one of my favorite “firsts,” with a guy. The hand holding. He offered dinner afterwards and though my stomach was growling through the whole movie (embarassing), I declined as the cold medicine was wearing off. In hindsight I wish I had gone. Ah well.

First Kiss? Yes, yes, there was. It wasn’t earth shattering, but seldom are a lot of first kisses fireworks. Lets consider the situation:

– Nora, totally stuffed up and not really wanting to give Another T my cold (honest)
– Another T, across the car from me, both of us bungled in our coats
– The console and etc in between us, make it difficult to lean equally or comfortably to accomplish the task

Add it up and you get a decent but slightly awkward first kiss.

Third Date Plans? Not yet, but it seems promising. I have to go to at least see if the next kiss will be better than the first.


2 Responses to “Date Two with Another T”

  1. Nova March 12, 2008 at 1:02 pm #

    He doesn’t have a telly? Hmm.. so I guess no fireside snuggling in front of the telly with him. What does he do in his free time?

    He grabbing your hand during the intense scenes sounds so sweet.

    Unless you totally hate the guy, never decline dinner! Hahaha! :-P

    Hopefully, your third date with him will be even better and that you’ll be over your cold!

  2. Nora March 12, 2008 at 2:11 pm #

    You are probably right! I should have gone to dinner. At any rate, in his spare time he seems to be a video-game dork, he’s rehabbing a house and works two jobs (both IT related. One he owns, the other one he merged with recently). That’s about all I know!

    – nora

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