Holding my breath underwater

13 Mar

I really don’t like to rant and complain on here since it’s not my style. I’m more light and love, peace and hugs, happy all around the world kind of gal.

However, today… I feel like I fell off a surfboard and got stuck under the current. I have five new projects which is great job security, but overwhelming mostly because the deadlines are May 1st. And my regular tasks which have skyrocketed in many ways. And for the first time in the history of working here I really feel like I. AM. GASPING. FOR. AIR.

Work weekends and longer hours? Sure, if I had the time. I have about ten lists of things to do in my head for each project and my hands and fingers can’t type fast enough to get them out of my brain.

Days like this I force myself to find the good in the day…

  • I had a project where I had to call the US Virgin Islands (St. Thomas, specifically) on a hunt for laptops to rent for a special project. While the search has been anything but fruitful so far, the last lady I talk to tells me in her very St. Thomas Accent, “have a great day, darling.” Ah, to be on an island right now. My tan would be killer
  • For some reason, I was chosen for a special pilot program which required a few web meetings and conference calls. I was glad to participate as my feedback was meaningful and helped shape the final product. The end result? I received a $50 Amex gift card in the mail from them today. Unexpected clothes money… Darling, shall we go to Limited soon??
  • Another T calls me during lunch to ask for a third date. Scheduled for Monday.
  • HB sends me an email saying he’s looking forward to our date this evening.
  • I make a dent in one project… it will be ongoing, but the prototype is there.

Looking at the above list brings my light and smiley attitude back. Just in time to run five miles, shower and get ready for Italian food and candelight.


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