Love/Hate After a Looonnnnggg Weekend

16 Mar

Love: Planning Darling’s Surprise Party and realizing that when she walked in to the room she really didn’t have a clue about the event.
Hate: That it takes a special event- birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, to gather with your truest and closest friends. Are we all really that busy?

Love: Venturing out with HB to a group gathering, after Darling’s party, to celebrate my friends who were getting married on Saturday.
Hate: The numerous questions that followed as a result of his attendance at said party.

Love: Justin & Meg tied the knot last night; their wedding was incredibly fun and was a semi-high school reunion.
Hate: There were two girls at my table who kept calling me by the wrong name (Layla) rather than my real one. Kind of funny.

Love: Live music at aforementioned wedding.
Hate: The wood floor at this particular venue wasn’t finished so removing our shoes was a no-no… which resulted in a few blisters on the feet this a.m.

Love: Adult sleepovers; myself and two of my best friend couples crashed at the home of the bride and groom since they weren’t using it last night. Doing the post-party wrap-up the same night as the party (and with a tad of alcohol in the system) is lots of fun especially when sub sandwiches from McAllisters deli are in the fridge with potato salad.
Hate: That we don’t have more adult sleepovers.

Love: Allowing myself the day to clean the apartment from head to toe, resulting in a splendid lemon-fresh scent in the apartment. (I know the word choice of “Allowing,” is odd, but cleaning is my stress relief. Yes, I know… weird.)
Hate: Emptying the mop bucket. It’s always so gross.

Love: Talking to HB on my way home from Darling and Dad’s (final birthday celebration for Darling at Cheesecake) about our weekends. We made plans for Friday night.
Hate: Four days until it’s Friday.

Love: That I had such a glorious weekend…two days of parties, friends, cameras, top notch food and wine, music and dancing.
Hate: My writing skills aren’t fantastic enough to express how wonderful everything was.


One Response to “Love/Hate After a Looonnnnggg Weekend”

  1. oh March 16, 2008 at 9:12 pm #

    My writing skills at expressing my love and my thanks to you for all that you and Snarl and HM put together are sadly lacking because all I can think of is: awesome, special, tiptop fun, happily tearful, special, rich, love…and more love…and more love.

    I heart you all.

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