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18 Mar

Another T?
We had our third date last night. Low-key, Mexican restaurant on a rainy night. He’s turning out to be interesting. He has many macho ideas (read: men are superior to women). There have been one too many “I’m the boss of you,” comments and a few too many eyebrows raised if I have an opinion that differs from his own that he doesn’t agree with. Oh, and Nova- remember you asked what he does in his spare time since he doesn’t read much or own a tv? He informed he built several model rockets over the weekend, even on Saturday night. Our interests aren’t as in line as I once thought they were.

We have a double date planned with my friend M and her new propsect tomorrow night. Pizza and bowling and I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully I can bowl as well as I can with Little Man and the fantastic Nintendo Wii and not have to request that the bumpers be put down on the lanes.

Gearing up for my next class, which begins tonight, and totally ignoring the fact that I haven’t even so much as looked at what book I need nor purchased the fresh notebook I look forward to with each class. Siri’s wedding is in less than 18 days, so bridesmaid dress fittings abound, last minute make-up/hair and nail plans must be made, and a fabulous present(s) must be bought, wrapped and presented. After her wedding? I have no bridesmaid duties until August and frankly, I’m euphoric about it.
I’m totally loving the A.J.Jacobs book I mentioned a few posts back and I’m managing to successfully ignore the gym lately (that trend ends tomorrow). I looked at my calendar last night and realized I don’t have a free weekend until May 2nd, so I have my eyes on the prize for a weekend of relaxation and slumber as soon as May rolls around. In the meantime I have many happy events to focus on, including VEGAS, and of course, those wonderful work projects, too.


2 Responses to “What’s new with…”

  1. Nova March 18, 2008 at 3:58 pm #

    After what I’ve read so far about Another T and HB, I think I’m liking HB much better. Plus, the fact that he also likes DMB… well, that about says it all.

    As for Another T….while the building of the model rockets can be geekishly sexy… his machismo attitude ruins it all.

  2. oh March 18, 2008 at 9:56 pm #

    love this new template, being a fan of brown and blue (and green)


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