Post Hump Day Love/Hate

20 Mar

Love: Rain… for the most part.
Hate: We received so much rain this week that my friend M had to cancel the bowling/pizza date last night as her office went into emergency crisis and had to evacuate the office as the flood waters were coming into the office.

Love: The aforementioned group date cancellation allowed for HB and I to have some face time. Just us. His couch. A movie. And an awesome view of downtown from his loft windows.
Hate: Being tired. Was having a great time at HB’s but had to leave to go home to sleep, so I could function at the office today.

Love: My Wednesday night trivia team informed HB that he’s going with me next week, so as to not “steal,” me away from another night with the gang.
Hate: That I didn’t get to invite him myself!

Love: I start house-sitting for a friend tomorrow. Their house, compared to my apartment, is like a castle. They also informed me they have a freezer full of food for me to enjoy.
Hate: MODOT and their ridiculous highway construction projects. I’ll have to leave by 6:45 am every day to get to the office at a reasonable hour.


2 Responses to “Post Hump Day Love/Hate”

  1. Nova March 20, 2008 at 1:13 pm #

    That’s unfortunate that the weather did not cooperate with your pizza/bowling plans. But at least you did get to hang out with HB in his cool pad. Any sparks fly? ;-)

  2. Nora March 20, 2008 at 1:34 pm #

    Oh, yes, there are sparks with this one. Rather enjoyable ones! The sparks, his sense of humor, intelligence and overall kindness made it VERY hard to leave!

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