Things to do when Castle House Sitting

22 Mar
  • Attempt to give the cat (named after wine) his pill for his recent surgery. Fail and have claw marks on your new Banana Republic khakis
  • Check out the fully-stocked freezer with food to make the tastebuds dance: chicken cordon bleu, pie, pasta, cookie dough, pizza, chicken strips and more
  • Fight with the oven when you are making green & black olive homemade pizza for you and HB (yes, we had another date last night.)
  • Laugh as you attempt to decipher the remote that looks like a calculator… and finally get the right input for DVD watching (Side Note: Don’t watch We Own the Night. It dragged. Mark Wahlberg isn’t looking his best, and Eva Mendes gives a poor performance.)
  • Learn to stop jumping every time the grandfather clock reminds you that another 15 minutes of your life have passed
  • Ooh and Ahh over the wine gift basket the Castle Owners left you. And immediately eat the dark chocolate filled with caramel squares
  • Marvel over how cute the cats are when they sleep
  • Run six miles on the flat lands by their house
  • Take a long jacuzzi bath due to the slight muscle soreness induced by running six miles
  • Try again to feed the cat its pill… almost get him to swallow it before he spits it back out. I have resorted to hiding it in wet cat food to see if that works.
  • Enjoy cable TV, even though you’ve seen all the movies on the 100+ channels you have access to
  • Bravely weigh yourself on their scale, to compare. Smile when you realize your only four pounds away from your high school weight
  • R.E.L.A.X.

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