I Covet the Castle

25 Mar

I know that according to the Bible, common sense and the A.J. Jacobs book I’m reading, coveting is forbidden. However, it’s hard to avoid coveting the fabulous castle (aka mansion) I’m house sitting for. A steam bath every day? A bubble bath in a jacuzzi? A California King for me to sleep on, even though I use less than 1/3 of the bed? A huge vanity to spread my girlie stuff onto? Reclining chairs in front of a big screen? Yeah, I’m coveting.

Today was probably the longest day I’ve had in forever: wake up at 5:45 after night of fitful sleeping thanks to nightmares that seemed much like a real horror film, work from 7 until 4:30, class from 5:30–9:30, then back to the Castle for cat duties. I spent half an hour frantically searching for one of the two cats, and it finally snuck past somehow and landed itself in front of the fire. It eyed me suspiciously as I refilled the dry food and wet food bowls, microwaved their heating disc and finally settle itself in front of the water bowl. Lying down in front of the water bowl. Cats are interesting creatures.

Unlike dogs they want their solitude, ignore people as much as possible and flinch when you try to pet them.

If Jack hadn’t seen me in over 12 hours he’d follow me from room to room to make sure I’m not leaving again, wag his tale while eating, sloppily drink his water and then run over to me, toy and drool hanging out of his mouth. I’m most definitely a dog person.

Dating update….
Another T: The last date, you know, the one where I was told I couldn’t have my own opinion, discovered his affinity for Sci Fi (did you know he could find me the authentic Princess Leia gold bikini, in case I was interested?), and had a (un)fortunate allergic reaction to guacamole seemingly ended the dates. Which I’m pretty sure is okay with me. He did come into the office today and said that he was joking when he mentioned the anti-feminist jokes, but I’m not sold on that. And he said I make him nervous, in a good way. (Moment of guilt on my side.)

HB: Very unlike the above. He’s meeting my Trivia Group friends tomorrow night (I’m nervous!) and then Saturday we are going to a hockey game. He met TLo and her boyfriend on Saturday night and passed with flying colors. You never can really be sure about a guy until he meets one of the friends you spend the most time with. The spark is very much alive.

If you haven’t seen the Jane Austen Book Club, I highly recommend it. Enough substance to make you think but just enough jokes and lightheartedness to qualify itself as a chick flick. And a few cute guys to look at, a great mix of fashion, and a plot to make you smile, and maybe tear-up.

Lent is officially over. I broke down today and went to Lion’s Choice, my whole reason for giving up soda, fast food and fried food in the first place. The result? My stomach hurts! This is good news. I hope to continue my anti-soda, anti-fried & fast food diet (with a few other changes, as I’ve been bad lately) for as long as I can.

In the meantime, I have plenty of chocolate to enjoy thanks to Darling and my bro’s girlfriend, because, you know, that’s healthy.


One Response to “I Covet the Castle”

  1. Nova March 26, 2008 at 2:37 pm #

    Coveting is a sin, and I am most definitely a sinner. I covet the body of this one girl in my office who is built like a supermodel, but yet eats like she’s in a food-eating contest. Meanwhile, I work my ass off just to “maintain” my already chubby figure. Yeah.. I am definitely coveting big time.

    I am so a dog person. I have two! A boxer and a wolf, and they are my other two children. :-D

    Trivia night and a hockey game this week with HB… sounds like you’ve got an exciting week planned!

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