28 Mar

Siri’s wedding is a week… the list of things I need to do before then is astounding (and I’m not even the bride!):
– Find gold eye make-up that isn’t tacky, to match the colors of the wedding
– Figure out how I will do said make-up for maximum “staying power,” through the day
– Buy Siri & Jas their presents and wrap beautifully
– Make the ribbon bouquet for the rehearsal
– Write a riveting, heart warming speech for the rehearsal dinner
– Practice my hair for the wedding
– Get nails done (red nailpolish only so as to not clash with the mehndi that we are having stained onto us next Thursday.)
– Remember to charge camera battery

I’m hooked on a new kind of movie lately: the classic movies. I’ve spent the last two nights staring at my laptop, courtesy of Netflix and their “watch instantly,” feature, making my way through Funny Girl. I am in constant awe of Streisand’s dresses, make-up, her range of talent, and of course, Omar Shariff and his fabulous eyes. I have about an hour left to watch before I proceed to Unforgiven, which I know is more of a modern-day classic. My guy friends all have informed me I must watch it, even if I don’t like it.

Trivia night went very well on Wednesday night…thankfully HB has a head for sports, since the theme was “NCAA Basketball,” meaning the girls were totally left out of the question answering except for this question: What is the best selling album of all time? The friend reviews were all positive with requests for repeat appearnces by HB.

The cute, totally makes you want to gag thing that HB said to me on Wednesday: he’s glad that his basketball team lost in their playoff game as it means he has more time to spend with me.

Next up with HB? Blues Game tomorrow night.

And the answer to the trivia question is…. (courtesy of Jennifer Garner & Mark Ruffalo):


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