As a result of watching “Into the Wild”

31 Mar

I played the part of a rebel tonight. I spent approximately 30 minutes on my Operations & Project Management homework before I succumbed to the temptation of the movie Into the Wild.

ManMate and GF have been ranting and raving about what a spectacular movie it was, moving them both to tears, so I figure I might as well give it a try.

As of late, Nora has been thinking about giving up her life as it stands today for the life of something more carefree. Less materialistically driven. No Coach purses and Kenneth Cole heels. No shopping sprees and cosmos with the girls. No money-grabbing job. Less 9-5 office work, less of a scheduled week and weekend. Maybe a little more of me and a little less of the Americn society; I feel like I am exactly the kind of person America, our society and our government want us to be. As cliche as it may be, there is so much that I want to experience and it will be incredibly difficult to do from behind a desk. I’m not unhappy with things as they are, but know there is more to it (life) than this… one quote I won’t forget from the movie: “I know that good gets better.”

Watching this movie didn’t do much to change my train of thought. I think I’ve said before if you had asked me after graduation what I would be doing today I figured it to be much different:

Working to change and help the lives of others, most likely living at home as whatever job I had wouldn’t cover much other than the bare necessities. Shopping at second hand shops in the Loop. Maybe have my hair in dredlocks.

(Side Note: Darling, don’t worry, I won’t pull an Alex Supertramp and disappear into the wilderness of the U.S. Maybe Italy, but not the U.S. and of course, I would invite you along and send you compelling postcards every step of the way.)

I talked to my dad about this the other day… turns out he did what I want to do and said he felt trapped and constrained by lack of money in the sense that he couldn’t travel when he wanted, buy presents for those he loved, etc, etc.  He loved what he was doing (teaching in NYC for a pittance of a salary at $12,000 a year) but longed for something more. Today, I’m more than proud to say he has accomplished many great things, including starting his own company after the age of 50. So my wonderment increases: where is the happy medium? How do I find it? If it comes from within, where can I go to get in touch with it?

While the movie itself was filmed beautifully, I found myself extremely aggravated with Mr. Supertramp. How horribly ironic that a guy who loves to read would misread the most important thing in his life, leading to his inevitable demise, alone, in the wild, with no one to comfort him. Tragic. Heart-breaking. Tear inducing. My favorite part of the movie is Eddie Vedder’s remake of “Hard Sun.” Well, and one other scene which is what made ManMate and GF cry, but I won’t spoil it for those of you who wish to sit through the 148 minute feature film.


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