To Whom it May Concern…

31 Mar

Follow-up to Friday’s post:
I didn’t intend to insinuate that Man was crazy, creepy or stalking me. Not in any way, shape or form. I wrote as a knee-jerk reaction to my fear at the moment (there was one other person in the office, way in the back compared to me), my surprise and I suppose my confusion. I have, since Friday, been able to laugh about it, see a small degree of flattery in it, and do a bit of research. Thanks to a friend, she suggested I see if he’d been convicted of stalking in the past courtesy of the open court system & website in MO. Unfortuantely, he has. I’m keeping my eyes open and looking over my shoulder now a bit more than before, but mostly hoping it will just go away.

I have left the castle and am back to city living. I forgot how much I do like my apartment yet can’t wait to move to new, improved, uncramped quarters with a closet large enough to hold all my clothes for all seasons, shoes included.
ManMate and his GF are glad for my presence in the apartment… they met HB on Saturday night and that, of course, as has everything else with HB, went well.

Posting will be light this week as the many events for Siri’s wedding are drawing near and have 10,001 things to do before then. (Okay, well maybe only ten.)


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