Closer to 27 Dresses

7 Apr

Wedding #5, which required two dresses, bringing me to dress #5 and #6 is complete. The weekend was a whirlwind and I have slept very little since Wednesday but Siri & Jas are married and in St. Lucia as I type.

I have many things to share that are both wedding & non-wedding related and need to find the time to get it written and posted.

I shall start with a few things I learned about Indian Culture over the last few days:

  • Mehndi (aka henna tattoos) takes only a short amount of time to apply but for best results should stay on as long as you can stand it. You can’t use your hands as the paste (think chocolate icing combined with puff pant) needs to dry and sink into your skin. Applying lemon juice & sugar water keeps the paste on your hand and makes the color darker.
  • Eating with your hands is expected. Siri’s mom mushed up my food and fed me while I had the mehndi drying. I tried hard to be respectful and grateful for this, but someone else’s fingers mashing up my food and putting it in my mouth didn’t jive so well for me. (Enter HB: he brought me a chocolate shake and held it so I could drink it. Very sweet).
  • Mehndi started out as a way to protect yourself against germs. The plant root has many anti-bacterial properties and was applied to the hands and the feet when women worked outdoors in India. Now it is more of a ritual for fun and beauty. There are books and books of designs for the hands, arms, fingers, toes, and feet. It’s all very beautiful.
  • Mehndi can last for seven to ten days, unless you use harsh chemicals
  • Indian culture doesn’t allow the color black or white in sarees at weddings; white is worn for mourning  (rather than our traditional black) as it’s supposed to be calming and peaceful, working to bring the family and mourners to terms with the death.
  • Indian wedding ceremonies vary in length depending on which Indian State you come from; they will last anywhere from ten to 2 hours.
  • Indian women are constantly cooking and encouraging you to eat. Much like any Italian family I know, there is food… everywhere. All the time.

One Response to “Closer to 27 Dresses”

  1. oh April 8, 2008 at 7:37 am #

    The milkshake got me.

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