Maid of Honor No-Nos

8 Apr

Maybe I’m a wedding snob. Or, maybe I’m a bridesmaid who cares about her job and her role in the wedding. You can say what you want about being a bridesmaid, how it’s an honor (true), that you are standing up there for your friends and a couple you believe in (should be true), but those of us who have been there know that really you are there for the bride. You do what she wants, when she wants it. You’re essentially a slave to the bride. Once the ceremony is over, the reception has started and you’ve made your speech, you are free to party.

Without being entirely too caddy, let’s just say that the MOH for this wedding ignored all bride requests (such as, don’t show your cleavage, it’s not okay with Indian cultural rules), showed up late to everything (rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, day of the wedding, picture appointments, reception), didn’t know where to stand at the altar, primped during the ceremony and apart from giving the bride a generous monetary¬†present and a decent speech at the wedding, took little part in the actual wedding events and ceremonies.

My point: unless you really care and can do a good job at being a good friend, don’t accept position of MOH.


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