Thunderstorm Thursday

10 Apr

(Stealing Darling’s idea and writing a list, similar to what you find in my journal, back when I used to put pen to paper)

It’s been raining non-stop since last night. There are pools of water on the veranda outside my office and I notice the birds are taking refuge under the tables and chairs.

I highly recommend Revlon’s new Mineral Foundation Powder. While I’m sure it’s nothing like Bare Essentials, my skin has improved, it lasts for 12 hours easily and I look movie-star flawless. Bonus: It’s only $10 bucks a bottle.

Since Sunday, ten people have asked me if I tattooed my hands. Explaining that I was in an Indian wedding is getting tiresome, so I’m rather ready for the henna to come off.

HB is working 16-hour days as he was recently offered (and accepted) a huge offer that will change his work-life dramatically. I’m doing the supportive girlfriend thing, but it’s kind of not cool that we won’t see each other near as much. Which means I like him… more than I realized!

ManMate informed me he’s moving out in June or July. At first a shock, I have started making a list of reasons why it will be okay. Reason #1: Coming home last night after some superb Mexican with my friends to find him and his girlfriend in the shower. We only have ONE shower. So they were in the ONE shower that I use every day, doing God knows what. I’m taking Clorox to the shower this evening.
Vegas Countdown: I’ll be there this time next week!
DMH Countdown: Less than two months. First concert ever in the new Busch Stadium. Double-dating with my BFF Tlo & her man. Under the stars. The Black Crowes and DMB. I. AM. READY.


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