Avversione Di Amore Del Venerdì

11 Apr

(title, loosely translated: Friday’s Love/Hate)

Love: Hanging out with Darling at B&N last night, catching up about our weeks and laughing over some tasty morsels. Bonus: Finding a present for my dad’s upcoming birthday.
Hate: I neglected my operations & project managment book which really does need to be opened for the upcoming mid-term.

Love: Dad and I took some time away from the office for a lovely lunch at our favorite hole-in-the-wall Italian bar near the office. My favorite part is when he reminisced about the first time he went to Yankee Stadium with his father. I think I saw a glimmer of a tear in his eyes at the conclusion of the story.
Hate: That I never met Grandpa Morty.

Love: HB asked me early this a.m. for a dinner and movie night. He’s in charge of dinner (take out, I’m sure) and I’m in charge of movies and drinks.
Hate: I still get nervous before I see him. What is up with that??
Love: Wearing flip-flops.
Hate: Supposedly we are getting snow in the StL tomorrow. Seriously, who pissed Mother Nature off???

Love: Girls’ Night tomorrow.
Hate: The occasion… Sam-Sam and her Marine husband are moving in May. I may not see them as much as the “old days,” but it’s the end of an era. Looks like I’ll be making trips to North Carolina soon.


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