The Ah-Ha Moment!

15 Apr

I’ll admit to lying in a tanning bed on occasion, and in preparation for the upcoming Vegas Vacation (hooray!), I decided to take a 15 minute snooze in a tanning bed last night. During the time when I could hear only the hum of the bed and feel the intensity of the bulbs on my face (so healthy, I’m sure) I decided that I will not let HB get me down. Not even a little bit.

So maybe he’s equating sex with the infamous spark. Maybe he’s too busy at work to be in a relationship. Maybe he’s just not that into me.

Well here’s what I say to that:
– if you had kept your mouth shut Friday, the “spark” wouldn’t have been an issue. I know that you felt a spark because I could feel it when you pulled me close. Not to mention the fact that you were grabbing my Italian rear-end and kissing my neck about two seconds before you told me your break-up rationale. (My apologies if that is TMI for some of you, but it had to be said.)

– Good luck with the new job and 16 hour days at the office. I hope your new managing partner will offer you enough money to fill the void in your life, your bed, your apartment that will now be there since you dumped me.

– If you aren’t that into me, fine. Better to know now than in six months or six years. Your loss all around.

I’m back to smiling today. I know that the emptiness and pain will hit me at random times and when I least expect it, but that’s part of the game.

So, here’s what I have to say to HB and all the other men who have broken up with me:


One Response to “The Ah-Ha Moment!”

  1. Nova-san April 15, 2008 at 5:28 pm #

    Girlfriend, I gotta say: I love your fire and your fierce spirit. You are a true Sicilian at heart. (I know, because I live in Little Italy here in NYC). Your never-give-up attitude reminds me a lot of the tough women that surround my neighborhood that don’t put with the BS that men try to dump on women.

    This song is so apropos of the moment and feeling.

    Keep on rockin’.

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