The Good Life

27 Apr

(cliche title, but I like it, especially after having an “Old Nora-like,” weekend.)

  • Friday night, following a stellar workout:  Mexican and Margaritas with a new friend from school. Three hours of conversation over the margaritas (super strong ones!) before venturing out to the bars until 4 am. Add some fun men to the mix, the worst pick-up lines ever (“Can I smell your breath?”) and a DJ who takes request = partying like Vegas in StL.
  • Sleeping until 1 pm on Saturday, guilt free, minus a few dog walks and loving it
  • Cleaning the apartment from head to toe, making a kick ass Chicken Caeser salad, and doing laundry… some times at my happiest when I’m domestic
  • Another kick-butt workout at the gym
  • Not giving a darn what my friends think when I tell them I’m skipping their party and instead curling up in my sweats with Jack, next to a stack of movies. I highly recommend “Love in the time of Cholera.”
  • Waking up on Sunday to a phone call from and out of town friend who has an extra ticket to the Cardinals game (Go Cards! We won 5 to 1.)
  • Going through her facebook and myspace friends and deleting the unnecessary ones
  • I have decided to chop the hair after the next pay day. And dye it!
  • Consult my brother re: tattoo situation

One Response to “The Good Life”

  1. oh April 28, 2008 at 7:39 pm #

    Surprise! I love the Kanye song. (surprised me!)

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