Chit-Chat Tuesday

29 Apr

I attended a military-sponsored networking luncheon today where I was placed at a table with six other men. Topics of conversation included: my office building being haunted, adopting dogs and their subsequent demise after years of loyal friendship, using cooking oil as fuel for your car, and the alarm concept that our money is better in our food pantry in our house. Experts say that the money in our savings and checking accounts should be spent on canned and boxed food as it’s worth more, especially if the recession continues. Alarming thought. I think I’m on the verge of protesting something. Gas prices. Economy. “W.”


Walking Jack after work tonight, Lily, the giant yellow lab that lives across the street, was out for her walk, and as usual greeted Jack with numerous loud barks. Lily’s owner, a short, very stout, very aggravated woman, started yelling at Lily again to “LEAVE IT! STOP BARKIN’! SHUT UP. SIT. STAY. DON’T MOVE.” I can’t help but wonder if Lily is asking Jack to have me rescue her as Lily’s “mom,” yells like this every time we see her outside. Breaks my heart. Don’t people know that animals and children sense your emotions? If you chill out, they’ll chill out.


Following up with my positive reasons to move out and back in with the ‘rents…

Reason #2: ManMate hogs the bathroom, refuses to do the dishes and never refills the ice dispenser.
Reason #3: The people who live in 3B are still overly loud and they now have a puppy who barks, whines and scratches every time her moms (yes, moms) leave the house.


One Response to “Chit-Chat Tuesday”

  1. mylesfromnowhere May 1, 2008 at 10:42 pm #

    really doesnt refill the ice dispenser…… “Off With His Head” ;P

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