Cinco De Mayo (turned Goodbye-o)

4 May

There are moments when I’m more aware of the fact that I’m an adult than usual: the monthly car payment I receive, having to make those stupid phone calls to straighten out the insurance company, reorganizing my 401(k) and having friends who are not only married… they are moving away.

I first met Sam-Sam my sophomore year in college (six years ago) during our “rush,” for one of the more popular service & social organizations on campus. If you asked me today how or why we bonded, I honestly couldn’t tell you but we started having lunch together a few times a week which quickly translated into girls’ nights out, study breaks in each others’ dorm rooms, and the general sharing of our lives.

She’s been there for me through boyfriends & break-ups, graduations & graduate admissions, all the while being loyal (she’s the one who gives my exes the fun nicknames I still use today…), supportive, up for a party or movie night, not afraid to tell it like it is and so much more.

Tomorrow she moves to North Carolina to join her husband (who is a Marine). For good. We partied yesterday to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, our friendship, her future and the ability to have fun. We refused to talk about her leaving, our past as friends, her future to avoid the tears and emotion. I can’t even talk about it now (Sam-Sam reads this blog). So with that, I leave you with a picture and the promise to myself and Sam-Sam that we won’t lose touch and that I’ll visit her sooner than later.

Last Night of Party


2 Responses to “Cinco De Mayo (turned Goodbye-o)”

  1. oh May 5, 2008 at 5:49 pm #

    Oh, I’m getting a little teary-eyed. She has called me “mom.” I have a full album of her wedding pictures. I will help you miss her, Nor.

  2. Nova-san May 7, 2008 at 12:23 pm #

    It’s one of saddest things in life, I think: a friend moving away. Although you may keep in touch, it’s still not the same.

    Is she moving to Cherry Point? My friend is a Marine stationed there. At least, I think it’s Cherry Point, although he lives in New Bern.

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