6 May

There is a very slight, tiny chance that I may have a date on Friday night. Saturday night out with the girls, our younger friend who is still in college and therefore much better about approaching guys fearlessly and without care, found a group of three guys who wound up hanging out with us for the rest of the night.

Guy #1: Very much looking like a model, tan, dressed well, blue eyes that you could get lost in.

Guy #2: Supposedly has a glass eye, at least according to his friends, and is also apparently in one of those “it’s complicated,” situations and a stellar vocabulary, despite his incessant drinking.

Guy #3: Tall. Green eyes. Stockbroker. Not a great dancer but impressive that he danced with us nonetheless. Potentially shy. And potentially my date on Friday night. No clue how the dialogue between us got started but when it did start it was flirty and he suggested that we go on a few dates. Naturally, still not trusting of all men, I laughed it off and kept on dancing. But he didn’t go away. At one point I turned around when he called my name only to find his face right in front of mine, at which point he kissed me, which was the first of many that evening. (I only saw Guy #3 drink one beer while we were around him, so not sure of his mental/alcohol-influenced state.)

Regardless of the outcome of Guy # 3: date or no date, once again the Dating Gods have reaffirmed my belief in having fun with a guy who will we assume is nice. For a few moments I felt like I was back in college, not really caring whether or not he calls or texts (honest! though he has texted), relishing the moment, enjoying the randomness of it all, the hand-holding through the crowds waiting to get a tequila shot, the casual tap on the knee at Dennys, all of it being oddly intimate yet anonymous at the same time.


There is another glimmer on the horizon: he doesn’t have a nickname yet, but he’s a friend of a friend. I expressed my interest in getting to know him, she told him and apparently the interest is mutual. He’s younger than me, in the early stages of his graduate school, from a small town and a little bit country but intelligent, liberal and he has four sisters. He’s out of town for break right now but rumor has it that when he gets back we’ll be doing a group outing.


Do you guys remember Seattle? I met him back in January while in NOLA? Well I’ll be seeing him again in July for the next conference we are both attending and truthfully I’m really looking forward to it. We text and email on a regular basis: we both have our lives in our individual towns but yet we manage to include each other.

I think I like the glimmers better than the “matter-of-fact,”boys. It’s what makes summertime fun, interesting and most of all, never dull.


One Response to “Glimmers”

  1. Nova-san May 7, 2008 at 12:28 pm #

    Ohhh.. glimmers!

    It’s always good to see a glimmer when things have been dark.

    Get ready to put your sunglasses on! :-P

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