Things to do while bored in your grad school class

6 May
  • Fake smile at other students in the class. Whisper their name and when they turn to look at you, have a fake smile ready to go. They are sure to laugh.
  • Make guesses as to what time you will get out of class this evening. Winner gets a drink bought for them after the final.
  • Draw on the very 80s, very awkardly posed people in the photos on the pages of your Operations & Project Management book. Things like mustaches, word bubbles, fake smiles and etc will do. Show to the friend who is closest to you. Bonus points if one of the persons in the photos is deemed to be a classmate.
  • Count the number of times your professor has obvious errors in his powerpoint slides.
  • Debate throwing the book at the girl behind you. Sure, you may not be paying 100% attention but her unnecessary “Uh-huhs,” “I agree,” “Yes, I noticed that when reading last night,” are seriously annoying.
  • Marvel at how many times your handwriting can change in one night.
  • Ask a few questions here and there because you really are listening but seriously, you could read the book on your own.
  • Check your cell phone for text messages. If you don’t have one, text someone you know will respond.
  • Conjure up an image of what you are going to be making for dinner when you get home.
  • Highlight and star all important passages, page numbers and definitions for the copious amount of hours of self-study you have ahead of you before the final.

2 Responses to “Things to do while bored in your grad school class”

  1. meldoesgradschool May 6, 2008 at 10:59 pm #

    Hopefully this doesn’t seem too weird, but your blog came up using the tag surfer thing and I just started this blog to chronicle my more ‘adult’ life as a grad student (sadly I didn’t get my act together until the end of my first year). Anyways, saw your blog and subscribed because I read this entry and thought it was hilariously awesome… :o)

  2. Nora May 7, 2008 at 9:50 am #

    Meldoesgradschool- welcome! I’m at the end of my first year of grad school and love it… usually. this last class has been particularly rough. Always glad to have another reader. Can’t wait to hear your stories of grad school & life :)

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