Buried under a pile of Kleenex

9 May

How I survive my yearly cold/sinus infection, courtesy of my incessant allergies:

  • The New Kleenex with Vicks. They are amazing.
  • Gilmore Girls and Sex and the City seasons on DVD. They are perfect to sleep through or sit and stare at as they are bound to make you smile at some point.
  • My stack of Netflix DVDs. Becoming Jane was my afternoon company yesterday.
  • Slim Fast for meals and peppermint tea to calm the coughing.
  • ManMate… he actually has been fetching me ice cold water for two days.
  • Jack: he loves a cuddle buddy and secretly enjoys the fact that I’m home I believe since he nestles into my knees every time I settle on the couch or my bed.
  • My pink blanket that I’ve had since I was a kid. It’s meant for a twin bed so I use it on the couch. It’s fleecy and soft wool and brings a touch of comfort to the foggy sickness. (Jack likes this blanket too… I’ve caught him chewing on it a few tims.)
  • Fudgsicles.
  • Heavenly Alka Seltzer Liqui-Gels for day & night.
  • SLEEP. SLEEP. And more sleep.

One Response to “Buried under a pile of Kleenex”

  1. nova-san May 9, 2008 at 12:25 pm #

    You make being sick so stylish and fun. Nonetheless, hope you’re feeling great soon!

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