It’s not easy being “Green”

13 May

I don’t often write about my younger brother, though it occurs to me I should. He’s brilliant at the age of almost 20; recently applied for and earned the position of editing his university’s newspaper as a sophomore. (That’s a big deal!) He has made his body a political shrine with five tattoos and counting, all of them making a positive political statement in their own way. He insists that we recycle anything and everything that can be reduced and reused.

My generation (I’m five years older than CR) is slowly catching on to the idea of Going Green. His is adapting it at a rapid pace. He’s got me thinking as of late about my personal decisions in the most random things:

  • Dog Waste Bags. I foolishly use the plastic bags at the grocery store when I go because they are useful for many other things… reusable lunch bags, taking donations to GoodWill, carrying around my extra pairs of shoes when I travel, etc etc. I also use them to pick up Jack’s waste. It’s always struck me as an odd thing, humans picking up after animals, but what’s even weirder is that we use plastic, nonbiodegradable bags to pick up said waste. Makes zero sense. I did some research during my lunch hour today and found that there’s a plethora of biodegradable bags out there for dog waste, some at Petco and PetSmart. I will definitely be purchasing those soon.
  • Water Bottles. CR informed me that there’s a great Swiss Army (I think) alumnium reusable bottle available at Whole Foods. I’m going this weekend to snag mine.
  • Back to the plastic bag thing. I’m going to give in and purchase some bags from Trader Joe’s. And I’m taking the bags I already have to a recycling bin at one of the other grocery stores in the area.
  • As part of my new fitness routine, I realized that some of the stores I frequent the most aren’t all that far away. So… I’ll commence to walking. It can only impact me in a good way: spend less on gas, purchase fewer groceries since I’ll have to lug them home, and exercise. Good all around.

My brain is running a mile a minute trying to think of additional ways to go green. What have you done that’s green lately?


3 Responses to “It’s not easy being “Green””

  1. Anne May 13, 2008 at 7:17 pm #

    Hey ! I use the bio-degradable bags for Saber and they are great.

    I am also trying to avoid the plastic bags at the stores although I have not gone to the reusable bags yet.

    And last but not least- recycle, recycle, recycle. Our city has a great recycling program and we hardly have any actual trash anymore. .

    Regardless of what we think or don’t think about global warming, it’s just good common sense to stop all of the waste and gluttony. Every little bit helps and is the right thing to do.

  2. laylou May 13, 2008 at 10:50 pm #

    Glad to hear someone likes the bags! reinforces my decision to buy. i am going to start recycling as well, even though my apartment building doesn’t provide the bins. target (my favorite store every) has the recycling dumpsters so I can just take it all there on a weekly basis! Let the small steps begin :)

  3. R.Wick May 14, 2008 at 9:21 am #

    I too have use the biodegradable pooper bags for Emma. They do cost a bit more than I would like but I can fathom the thought of waste being stuck in a plastic bag forever in a landfill. Also, my best friend is extremely green and made me adorable bags for the grocery store – grosgrain ribbon and all. If I forget those I ask for paper bags and make sure to recycle them. Mike and I recycle as much as possible. Maryland Heights gave everybody huge carts instead of little bins and they said recycling skyrocketed in the the MH. Oh, I also take caps and lids off of recyclable b/c apparently somehow animals may get them and choke on them or fill their stomachs with plastic. I guess in the end I try to make small steps to being green. I still drive an SUV (via husband) but try to back that up with as many other green choices as possible. Oh, and my green friend bought me The Omnivore’s Dilemma, a book about the farm and food industry. I couldn’t read the killing parts but I did read enough to inspire me to shop local farmer’s markets and the like as much as possible.

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