Weird Science

15 May

I don’t usually post links because I know 99% of my readers (a whole 16 or 17 of you, I think) won’t take the time to click on them, but this article stood out today. A twin? In your stomach? Just hanging out, nine years into your life and your little twin is inside you.

Girl’s twin is found inside her stomach

Coming Soon: It occurred to me that sometimes I get so caught up in my corporate, 8-5 world that I forget what I did before I was an office slave. I had some pretty freakin’ awesome jobs and they all left their own imprint on my life. As per Byron, I feel that as I approach the quarterlife mark, the things I really want to remember don’t come up as often I would like them to. So maybe writing about my past jobs will help out my hippocampus and you’ll get yet another glimpse into who Nora is.


One Response to “Weird Science”

  1. Nova-san May 15, 2008 at 3:09 pm #

    That was a weird little article about the twin the sister’s stomach. It almost doesn’t sound believable.

    I just read Byron’s post. It quite inspired me to write more about my past – if not just so people can read about it, but for more myself, to document my life in the event that I no longer have the capacity to remember remarkable moments in my life.

    Patiently waiting to read more of you, my dear. :-)

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