Strange Addictions

19 May

Here’s what I’ve become totally, 100% addicted to as of late:

  • One Tree Hill. I think this is the second to last season, but I’m hooked. I have no clue about 80% of the time what the history is between characters and etc, but I tune every Monday night at 8pm CST. Bonus: two of the main characters are very in-shape, very attractive young men.
  • Trader Joe’s Just Grilled chicken. I have been mixing it with everything: salad, whole grain penne, fried rice and enjoy it by itself. It’s amazing. Check it out.
  • Pushing the envelope in terms of my gym workouts. Yesterday I miraculously ran two miles to the gym, lifted weights while at the gym, and ran two miles home. Yes, my butt felt like jelly but I did it, with the help of ManMate. I’m going back for more tonight.
  • Sending cards for no reason. I’m a huge fan of Hallmark and an even bigger of fan of Target and their amazing collection of cards (recycled paper mostl).
  • New Kids on the Block. Yes, I’m one of the many girls who is super-excited for their return. I found my NKOTB button while at my parents house last weekend. It has a young Joey on it (he still is my favorite, next to bad boy Donny Wahlberg. There is something about those Wahlberg boys, that’s for sure.) Here’s their new single for your listening pleasure. I’ll be at the concert when they roll into the Lou… you can count on that!



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