ADD Avoided

20 May

ADD= Another Dating Disaster (yes, I stole the phrase from Sex & The City, Season Four).

Remember Guy #3? Here’s the skinny on that…

While we are at Chevy’s the group was talking about the books we were currently reading. Guy #3 happened to be reading I Hope they Serve Beer in Hell, by Tucker Max (which apparently is now going to be a movie. I find it slightly annoying that a guy can exploit his sexual adventures into not only a book but now a movie. And yes, I am probably a bad person for buying his book. I did think he was pretty much a pig while reading the book, but it’s like a bad car wreck. You can’t stop reading it once it’s started). I have read this book despite the many vulgar and inappropriate references to and about women, so we started discussing some of our favorite stories from the book. Guy #3 asked if I had read the other book (Assholes Finish First), which I haven’t since it is not even out.

Guy #3 wanted to bet me that Assholes Finish First came out before I hope they Serve Beer in Hell. Side Note: I don’t normally bet on things, especially if I have something to lose. Knowing that I was right, however, I accpeted the bet.

Fast forward to a few days after the meeting at Chevy’s to a text message conversation:

Guy #3: Do you still want to make the bet about Tucker Max’s books?
Nora: Sure, I’m up for it. What are we betting?
Guy #3: I think we should bet on nudity on Friday.
Nora: Nudity? On the first date? You really think so?
Guy #3: Yes.
Nora: I think not. (Even though I knew I was going to be right, guys should know better than to ask for nudity!)

(Side note: Guy #3 mentioned this nudity business at some point while we are at Chevy’s and I dismissed it considering he had a few shots of Tequila. Apparently I should have listened to my intuition…as usual.)

And that, my friends, was the end of that.


One Response to “ADD Avoided”

  1. Anne May 20, 2008 at 2:16 pm #

    Ohhhh I almost spit my fry out- that will teach me…. no eating lunch while reading about dating disasters.

    What a tool- but he was good for a laugh !

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