Nora at the movies

23 May

Considering I have a three-month hiatus from grad school before I foolishly tackle four classes in 18 weeks starting August 17th, I’m doing a few things with my spare time:

* catching up on my reading. Currently finishing The Venetian Mask, a historical fiction book which takes place in Italy. I like the imagery, the Italian names and the change of pace from my usual reading.
* Taking full advantage of my last few months/weeks as ManMate’s roommate and grilling him for new workouts, weight exercises and etc. I’m totally obsessed with the gym (again) and my new healthy diet.
* Netflix. I missed a lot of movies in the last 12 months between weddings, studying for school and etc. So here are a few recommendations for your Memorial Day pleasure, in case you are as behind as I am:

Cloverfield. It reminds me of Independence Day and I am Legend on steroids. I thought it was well done, definitely creepy and considering none of what happens is explained, it leaves a haunting image in your brain. I do not recommend watching just before bed, as I did.

Lars and the Real Girl. I’m a sucker for Ryan Gosling and offbeat comedies. This movie isn’t really all that funny but does give great insight into smaller communities, will give you faith in humanity, reminds us that not everything has a reason and serves as yet another reminder that we all deal with our pain in our own way. Ryan gives a powerful performance and while I thought parts of the movie were totally ridiculous, the end is worth it.

No Reservations. For those of us who prefer the lighter, romantic comedy with slightly depressing undertones, this movie is for you. Don’t watch while you are hungry because the scenes in the kitchen are certainly mouth-watering.

I could Never be Your Woman. Paul Rudd, anyone? He’s incredibly adorable and humorous in this movie with Michelle Pfieffer. It’s only 90 minutes long and examines the idea of older woman dating younger men.

The Darjeeling Limited. I don’t really know why but I always like the movies by Wes Anderson. Maybe it’s that he portrays the everyday oddities of real life, damaged personas that I believe a lot of people carry around with them or his unique filming and music choices. This one starts off slow but the familial theme is touching.


One Response to “Nora at the movies”

  1. oh May 25, 2008 at 10:13 am #

    Great list, thanks! I will totally sign up for “Lars” and also the two of the others – Paul Rudd and the also the Darjeeling one which I was gonig to skip but will take your advice. Besides, Owen is in it. Keep it up – bloggers love lists, non? BTW, I saw No Reservations but the original one; it’s a German film. Rather excellent. Snarl saw it, too. Said it was his girlfriend’s choice but it wasn’t bad. We should call that high praise coming from him, eh?

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